The Tax Fairness Project was created by Phil Levin, a recent homeowner paying his full share of property tax.

Special thanks to Ian Webster at for help collecting the tax records. You can find Ian's work at Please donate to offset his hosting costs.

And thanks to Daniel Wolfe, Tara O'Shea, Evan Goldin, and Kristen Berman for help getting this off the ground.

A few notes on data sources: Tax records come from the individual counties and are either from 2019 or 2020. Estimated market values are based off of public sources, such as popular housing sites, from November 2020. They are estimates and may not reflect all conditions in the market. "Normal taxes" are approximated based off of tax rate estimates by county from PropertyShark. Subsidy is defined as the difference in tax rate between full market value and assessed value, which is frozen at time of purchase.

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